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A Tribute to Valentine's Day All Year Long~


Welcome to Aphrodite City. We came up with the idea years and decided to put it into motion in 2012. It's it all cute and pink? =^_^= We decided to put all of the love stories and shrines in one neat little place for everyone to see. So, just take your time and enjoy everything year after year.

A Little Directory for Everyone

Shady Groves: Innocent little loves
Love Notes: Song fics and love poems
Romantic Cafe: Sweet fluff stories
One-Night Stand: One-shots
Candy Shop: Soft-core lemons
Hotel Erotica: HOT HOT HOT HOT lemons
Lotus Kingdom: Noiz + Mosh stories
Malchik gay: Yaoi and shounen-ai
Bakery: Yuri and shoujo-ai
Lost Blossoms: Dead loves
Wedding Bells: Wedding fics
Rescue Me: Damaged love
Strange Love: Self-explained
First Spring: First loves
St. Valentine: Fav couples
The Jasmine: Love on the wild side
Red Wine: Love + hate games
Love Balance: Love triangles
Love Vibe: Best of the best


3/12/13: We added the link back. 2/14/12: Open and ready for business.