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Distorted Lullaby

No one in the small town of Patterson would have foreseen the death of the violent town drunk, Trevor Grey, on Halloween night. When police arrive to investigate his murder, they find his wife, Maureen, sitting far away from Trevor's body. Obviously, she is the prime suspect in her abusive husband's murder. The only problem is, she doesn't remember the events before the police found her. Rookie detective, Gina Torres, takes it upon herself to unlock Maureen's memories and solve the case. Driven by family pride and tragedy, Gina turned to psychology as a way to help people. She feels that only she can help Maureen silence the "distorted lullaby" in her head and help her stand as a person again.

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 Tokyo department store manager Masami was raised in a strict upbringing where showing emotion was a sign of weakness. Because of this, she could not mourn the loss of her long time boyfriend, Hideki. His ghost sees this as an act of betrayal and sets out to make her grieve for him. After he assaults her, she is cursed never to sleep again until she mourns. With nowhere else to turn, Masami calls up her childhood friend, Jurou, to help lift the curse. Things take a difficult turn when Hideki possesses the psychiatrist to carry out his mission. Now, Jurou must fight to keep control of himself and his own old feelings for Masami as he tries to save them both from Hideki's sorrowful wrath.

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Bacchus' Mistress

Underground porn writer Michael Spiegel dwells within New Orleans' seediest corners, wallowing in vice. He doesn't sleep and he consumes alcohol like mother's milk. He feels that he is falling deeper into the cesspool of human vice.

Rebekkah Foster, known as Bekkah, is a young stripper forced into dancing by her abusive ex-boyfriend. She doesn't see any hope in her drowning situation, but she yearns to escape New Orleans.

Beth Monroe, known as Kitty, is a spoiled model who enjoys wild nights and drinking. She hates being controlled like a toy with a pretty face. Beth wants to be her own woman.

Joy O’Conner, known as Duck, is a hard-partying dancer. She can outdrink Michael to the point that it worries him. She has no plans to slow down. Despite her crudeness, Joy has her own strange charms.

Violet Thompson, known as Raccoon, is a shy prostitute. Childhood trauma pushed her down the path that she now travels on. She too longs to be free, but is too meek to even take the first step.

Amy Porter, known as Venus, is a troubled singer. She has the talent to go far, but her personal problems keep pulling her down into the decadent waste land of New Orleans vice. Amy has no way to guide herself back to the light.

Together, Michael and his angels will climb out of New Orleans' cesspool of decadence and fix what is broken within themselves. However, they have to deal with the distractions that alcohol, sex, and parties have to offer.

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Bride in Black

A London bride climbs into a taxi cab for her wedding at the court house. However, the driver refuses to let her out and drives her around the city asking questions about her fiance. The bride comes to a revelation before the shocking and tragic end.

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Love Addict

A thirty-something sex addict is on the prowl tonight, but what she finds is a stranger that rips open the old wounds and sends her into mental anguish as she tries to survive the night with him.

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Blood and Ecstacy

When a woman's happiness is shattered by her ex's murderous rage, she cuts out her own heart and goes out for revenge.

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Six Days

Everybody goes through their routines without thinking about their actions. What happens when the ordinary motions of life drive a young woman to snap after six days of the mundane.

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The Perfect Doll

After eighteen years of an ordinary marriage, a housewife has an epiphany about how boring her life really is. After spending a morning of soul-searching through her past, she makes a decision to break free over her "doll house."

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Hapless Cupid: Volume One

Tori London has the worst luck. The crappiest job, no money, and her long-term relationship is a joke. She moves to Tokyo in an attempt to change her life around, but bad luck follows her. Literally. And she’s jaded.
Victoria, her bad luck Karma Angel, seems set on ruining her life. Good luck angel Bree, on the other hand, wants to help Tori turn her luck around. It seems to be working when she meets her next door neighbor, Brock Ferguson. Smitten, she’s determined to leave her old life behind. But that’s not easy when the angel on your shoulder is as bad as the luck she brings with her.

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Sins of Women

Despite the success and good fortune that Madis Kairis has been blessed with, he still has one glaring problem in his life. All of his relationships with women have taken a turn for the worst in one way or another. One tragic scandal leads Madis to confide his and their "sins" to a therapist in an attempt to win back his wife. To better understand himself and the women in his life, Madis compares everyone to tarot cards in the major arcana. Starting with himself as the Fool in the deck, he tries to unravel where he went wrong with his relationships.

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A young man reminiscences about a wild weekend of sex, drugs, drinking, and "Reservoir Dogs" he has with his girlfriend and close female friend when said friend comes to California for her father's funeral.

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I am God

Hallie Clark was innocent until she was tormented by her summer neighbor, Joe Butcher, through humiliating games. One night, he took the game too far and left her beaten up in the woods. Years later, he stumbles into her S&M club after a heavy night of drinking. Hallie takes this opportunity to take her revenge.

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Hapless Cupid: Volume Two

A new love doesn't come without challenges. One week in and Tori London decides to strike up new relationship with Brock. However, that might be a little bit tricky when when her ex, Greg, moves to Japan because he misses her. Unlike the previous times, Tori has decided not to fall for his charms and stick to her will to turn her luck around.

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Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

Ain't Rest for the Wicked is composed of eight short stories revolving around four generations of the Braxton family living in New Orleans, Louisiana. From Calvin "Cal" Braxton's relationship with his black girlfriend nicknamed Sweet Thing to the death of his great-grandson in 2052, follow the whole patched-up Braxton clan through life and drama through ninety-nine years of Southern chaos.

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Pink Fims

In the modern day retelling of "Yuki Onna", young Taro's porn addict father is killed by a ghost from a pink film. Ten years later, Taro meets a strange young lady with a mysterious charm surrounding her. But yet, something seems familiar about her...

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Fall Semester

On December 19th, 2012, beloved Tokyo University professor David Gabriel and his wife, Ashley were found murdered in their apartment. Shot to death in cold blood. Everyone on campus already knew who did it.

Miho Nakano started out as shy college freshman who fell in love with David, but could never express her feelings to him. When she found that he was married, Miho's love turned into a deadly obsession.

As the police look for the fugitive student, a timeline of Miho's decent into murder emerges.

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Hapless Cupid: Volume Three

Tori London is on the up and up. She has finally quit her job at an undesirable restaurant after her boss tried to hit on her. Lucky for her, Bree is in her corner, cheering her on along the way. However despite a new job, problems always follow Tori. This time, Greg has a new girlfriend and they have invited her to a dinner party. Good thing that she has Brock on her side to survive this.

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Dreamland: Volume One

On the surface, Chikira Tokaji looks like every other teenage girl. But what sets her apart from her peers is her mental illness. Chikira has yume-no-muso and because of this, she is forever dropping off into a dream-like daze for long periods of time without warning. Chikira's disease marks her as the target of bullies. On her first day at a new school, she is harassed and shove into the classroom closet. After an episode of her yume-no-muso, Chikira's teacher notices her condition and has her stay after class to talk. And here begins the long road to recovery and Chikira becoming her person to stand up for herself and her family.

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Dreamland: Volume Two

Now that Chikira has begun her battle with her Yume-no-Muso, she's going to need all of the family support she can get. However, the problem mostly lies with her father, Jakuchu.

He is mostly at work so that he can pay for his daughter's treatments. As a result, his marriage with Sana feels like walking on a tight-rope with his long periods of work-induced absences. Because of his daughter being bullied on her first day at her new school, Jakuchu might have to change how he does things. But first, he is going to have to come home. Starting with Chikira's birthday.

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