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Name: Noizchild Candy "La-La" Johnson

AKA: Noiz, Noiz-chan, Noiz-sama, Foofy, Fish Girl, Momma, Pandora, Pandi, Momo, and Mimi

Birthdate: 3/3/1975

Age: 27 (Easily mistaken for 16 or 21!)

P.O.B.: I'll let you guess! : P

Species: Kamimortal catgirl

Occupation: Writer, headmistress, and matchmaker

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'10"

Love Status: Married

Likes: Music, anime, romance, writing, Rob, Kohana, Gorillaz, Japan, Japanese culture, No Doubt, Dave Matthews Band, England, English culture, Asia, Europe, computers, Madonna, Internet, summer, winter, swimming, snow, lingerie, being single (if necessary), dogs, cats, myths, art, literature, belly dancing, and history

Outfit: Red kimono, (And other kimono in different colors, Chinese-style dresses, other Asian-style clothes, little white socks, Japanese-style sandals, and jade jewelry

Jeep: Mooney

Animal Chibi: Dragon

Nice, eccentric, and reliable, Noizchild grew up in the states. Her mother trained her to be a matchmaker. The cat girl isn't too close to her father as she once was. (Long story.) After high school, Noizchild moved to England for college and set up her mother's business, Aphrodite's Workshop in London. When she graduated, Noizchild moved to Japan and set her business in Tokyo.

Descendant of Helen, Noizchild ate a piece of the late celestial maiden's heart in a peach when she was eight. Helen's ghost took care of her new descendant for 90 days. Noizchild first met the Gorillaz when she returned to London and went to their gig that evening. She became 2-D's alley. Noizchild and Murdoc don't get along too well. Noizchild met Ryan and Crash Frary at that same gig. They became close fast.

Soon, Noizchild would "inherit" another gift. She bought the Tokyo-Zion Academy building near the woods. People thought she was foolish for doing so because it had been abandoned for years. But she sure showed them! Now, Noizchild has to deal with TZA, the students, her staff, and personal life all at once. "Well, it could be worse...."

Noizchild is married to Rob. She lives in London and Tokyo with him and their daughter, Ume. The woman gets along with the Gorillaz fans. She has two dogs named Fluffy and Snickers.

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Reply paint_my_life
8:21 PM on July 3, 2010 
ty excited to be here
Reply paint_my_life
7:56 PM on July 3, 2010 
no u dont know me, but ill certainly introduce myself =) im Miyuki thats not my real name though